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At Uplift Education we are not only focused on the success of our scholars, we are also dedicated to the training, development and growth of our educators. While we cultivate an exceptionally challenging and insatiable environment, we are supported by a dedicated, mission-aligned team of leadership, educators and support staff.


Every second Wednesday a month, the entire Uplift network enjoys an early release day open for you to take care of whatever you need to rest and relax.


The Uplift Family Leave policy allows for employees to receive up to six weeks paid leave on qualifying events to welcome new members to the family or care for those in need.

Professional Development and Leadership Pathways

From regular campus-level feedback and training to network-wide curriculum plans and collaboration, you’ll be supported every step of your career whether you desire to stay in the classroom or take advantage of our expedited leadership pathways to the central office or school leadership.

Earn More Faster

Uplift Education recognizes the value of its educators and offers ways teachers can ‘earn more faster’ through multiple opportunities to increase take-home pay. Our starting salaries are competitive, and our teachers earn yearly raises based on tenure. Uplift is also a participant in Texas’ Teacher Incentive Allotment (TIA), which identifies top-performing teachers in the state. Individual Uplift teachers who earn the state designation will take home even more. We are proud to be a part of this program that allows us to reward our top-performing teachers who have dedicated their careers to serving our scholars and communities.

See our salary schedules below and click here to
Please note that salary schedules are subject to change. Salaries offered are based on official service records.

Salary Structure for 2023-2024

We are pleased to announce increases to our teacher's compensation! Salaries offered are based on official service records.

Completed Years of Experience Base Salary
0 $60,000
1 $60,500
2 $61,500
3 $62,000
4 $63,000
5 $63,500
6 $64,500
7 $65,000
8 $65,500
9 $66,000
10 $68,000
11 $68,500
12 $69,000
13 $69,500
14 $70,000
15 $72,000
16 $72,500
17 $73,000
18 $73,500
19 $74,000
20 $76,000
21 $76,500
22 $77,000
23 $77,500
24 $78,000
25 $80,000

High Needs Stipend

We also offer additional stipends to teachers in high needs subjects as designated by the state:

  • Special Education - $4,000
  • Middle/High School Math - $4,000
  • Middle/High School Science - $2,500
  • High School Computer Science & Career/Technical Education- $2,500
  • Foreign Language - $2,500

What It Takes

Do you have what it takes to be a teacher at Uplift? We aren't just looking to fill positions. We are looking for people with the drive to become excellent teachers and guide our scholars on their Road To College. If you possess these traits, then you might have a home with Uplift Education:

  • Passion for serving low socio-economic, minority and/or first-generation college students
  • Self-reflective with a growth-mindset
  • Data-driven and results-oriented
  • Open to and actively seeks constructive feedback
  • Tenacious about scholar success in college and beyond
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Teacher Hiring Process.

Everything you need to know about hiring.

Uplift Education has achieved what others thought was impossible. That’s because we hire only the most dedicated team members; those who are truly devoted to the mission. As such, you can expect a rigorous hiring process, which provides a 360 view of why the best teachers continue to choose Uplift Education. Please note that you can only be considered and interview for one position at a time. We thank you for your interest in making a difference at Uplift Education!

Follow Our Simple Steps..
Online Applications
We safely collect your information online, saving your profile for future applications.
Phone Interview
We may reach out to you for a phone interview, to see if your professional interests and personal mission are aligned with ours.
Hiring Exercise/Model Lesson
At this stage of the interview process, you have an opportunity to show the hiring panel what you're made of through a hands-on exercise.
Final Interview
As part of the final interview, you'll have an opportunity to meet future colleagues so that you can make an informed decision as to whether Uplift is right for you.
Offer Employment
Successful candidates will receive an offer of employment, detailing responsibilities, compensation, and benefits.
New Hire Orientation
Our team will provide you with comprehensive onboarding to ensure that you are prepared to hit the ground running on your first day!
Interested in becoming a teacher? Learn more about our Certifications and Hiring Requirements. Certifications and Hiring Requirements Pre-Employment Affidavit

Learn Why Top Teachers Choose Uplift Education

We are valued and given the resources we need to achieve success for ourselves and for our scholars.

Come Explore

Teacher Leader

Lead With Us.

Teacher Leaders provide content specific support to teachers across the network by creating curriculum materials, leading professional development, and instructional support.


  • 1 year commitment
  • Planning and professional development takes place during summer break
  • 1 year teaching experience at Uplift
  • Recommendation from current manager

Candidate Profile:

Content Teacher Leader candidates are effective teachers with proven scholar data results that have a passion for planning, assessment, and IB implementation. CTL candidates are exemplar planners that enjoy facilitating adult learning. CTL candidates have strong time management skills and are comfortable following network expectations for planning. CTL candidates build a collaborative environment with teachers across the network in their grade level/content area.

Application Information

Applications are emailed to Uplift teachers every Spring.

ED Fellows

Lead With Us.

The Ed Fellows program develops teacher leaders who can implement proven practices in their own classrooms with fidelity and influence colleagues to drive and sustain student achievement on their campus.


  • 1 year leadership development program
  • At least 2 years of teaching experience
  • Recommendation from current manger
  • Must attend a week long summer intensive training program and 10 monthly sessions outside of school hours throughout the academic year

Candidate Profile:

Ed Fellows are effective teachers with proven scholar data results that are interested or currently in a formal teacher leadership role such as a department or grade level chair. This program offers a great launching pad to help candidates grow the impact on their campuses and their scholars. Candidates have the courage and resilience to be a teacher leader while consistently exhibiting a growth mindset.

Application Information

Apply with Teaching Trust

Mentor Teacher

Lead With Us.

Mentor/Host Teachers work closely with one of our partner organizations to host a Resident teacher by using a variety of strategies to promote the growth and development of the new teacher.


  • 1 year of teaching at Uplift
  • 1 year mentor/host teacher commitment
  • Must attend summer training
  • Complete the specific requirements from each partner organization that will vary slightly with each program

Candidate Profile:

Mentor/Host Teachers are effective teachers with proven scholar data results that are willing to facilitate the transition of the Resident from observer to lead teacher in their classroom. Mentor/Host Teachers are comfortable being observed daily and willing to share details about their planning and practice with new teachers. Mentor/Host Teacher maintain strong relationships and communication with both the Resident and the partner organization.

Application Information

Applications are emailed to Uplift teachers every Spring.

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