Grow With Us

Grow With Us

Looking for a place where you can thrive and achieve your long-term career goals? Look no further than Uplift Education! We are committed to providing our staff members with developmental pathways that will help them succeed and grow within our organization. We offer a range of internal and external opportunities to help you strengthen your skills, prepare for career progression, and achieve your full potential.

As a valued member of our team, you’ll have access to network-wide professional development days and campus-based professional development on early release Wednesdays. Our programs include professional development, mentorship, talent pathways, and leadership development, providing you with a wide array of options to choose from.

Professional Development

Uplift Continuous Learner Grant

Uplift’s Continuous Learner Grants program is an internal award opportunity for Uplift staff members to support a learning opportunity of their choice.  Through a competitive application process, staff are awarded grants ranging from taking Spanish language classes to be able to better communicate with parents, to attending technical training for our EdTech tools, to attending the annual IB conference, or enrolling in college courses. 

5+ Year Professional Development Incentive

This reward program is designed to celebrate staff members at 5-year tenure milestones. Eligible team members have the opportunity to submit a request for an external professional development opportunity they would like to take part in to support their developmental goals.

Talent Pathways

Our organization is committed to providing our employees with clear and exciting career pathway opportunities. We believe in investing in our people to find their next opportunity within Uplift and helping them achieve their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Teacher Residencies & Apprenticeships

We believe in growing the Teacher Pipeline through paid teacher residencies and apprenticeships. We currently partner with Dallas College, Relay Graduate School, and Urban Teachers to provide hands-on teaching experience and development opportunities for education residents. An additional partnership with Texas Tech allows us to support current Teacher Aides as they work on getting their education degree and certification.

Opportunity Culture

Uplift Education is part of a growing, national Opportunity Culture movement to extend the reach of excellent teachers, principals, and their teams to more students, for more pay, within regular school budgets. That means great opportunities to have a fulfilling career path full of support.  Through Opportunity Culture’s Multi-Classroom Leaders role, teachers have the opportunity to lead small, highly collaborative teams of 2-6 teachers, paraprofessionals, and teacher residents. ​Our MCLs are given sacred release time provided by the support of a designated TA or resident teacher each day so they can coach, co-teach, model, observe, and provide intervention to the entire grade level.